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2K Soundcloud Plays

30 USA Likes -20 Repost

2-3 Unique Comments

15 Active Followers

For Only 1 Track

Delivery: 2 days



10K Soundcloud Plays

100 USA Likes -40 Repost

7 Unique Comments

35 Active Followers

For Max 3 Tracks

Delivery: 5 days



30K Soundcloud Plays

150 USA Likes -80 Repost

12 Unique Comments

70 Active Followers

For Max 3 Tracks

Delivery: 7 days



70K Soundcloud Plays

300 USA Likes -200 Repost

15 Unique Comments

150 Active Followers

For Max 4 Tracks

Delivery: 10 days



100K Soundcloud Plays

400 USA Likes -250 Repost

20 Unique Comments

200 Active Followers

For Max 5 Tracks

Delivery: 12 days



300K Soundcloud Plays

700 USA Likes -400 Repost

30 Unique Comments

300 Active Followers

For Max 6 Tracks

Delivery: 15 days



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Soundcloud is an audio sharing music platform. There are almost 40 music genres in Soundcloud. Popular genres are Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Metal etc. Most of the genres are rich here and a huge number of tracks are available. If you’re interested in listening to something on SC Search, write your music/song name and many tracks will appear to you. If you’re an artist and you need to Buy Soundcloud Package to grow fast yourself and your track, then do so. Before purchasing something anywhere you need to learn more about the Soundcloud package. Because, most of the guys are making mistakes recently. Also they don’t know how to build their fanbase or boost their tracks.

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 A SC Package contains Plays and a standard RATIO of engagements. For example, If you buy Soundcloud package- 10K for Favogain, you will gain More than 10K Plays- Listeners, 100 Likes, 40 Repost, 7-8 relevant comments and 30-35 Active Followers. This is the ratio for this pack. Check our website to see more Packs- Favogain.com. Spend a little and get everything. To reach your audience, there is no alternative to purchasing a Soundcloud bundle here. So, we always recommend using a package. 

What if you’ve only Plays without engagements-

For example- you have 5K Plays on a track but no Like, repost, comments there. Will it look real ? Never, my guy!! Because, everybody knows well about the views and engagements now. If you want to grow fast and let your Music/song be heard by organic people, you need to have some Quality Plays and engagements first. Because most of the people like you and mine click on the most played tracks/ Videos. If we buy something, we check reviews, comments the customers. Though we can Not justify the real feedback, right ?

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I hope you guys have already understood the importance of having Plays and engagements in the tracks. It is very necessary while you release/ upload a track on Soundcloud. If you get some Plays and engagements at the beginning, it may rank well and probably you’ll get more listenings, Likes, repost etc from your Followers or New fans. At this time, you need an assistant who will help you and observe your profile. If you buy Soundcloud package from us, we will manage your account and boost your recent tracks. 

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We embed your track to different Private blogs/ websites, repost from your branding profile- containing thousands of followers, However, we send email to some artists and post our social media. Anyway, buying Soundcloud package, you will just gain Audience and engagements- Likes, Repost, followers etc. We don’t send you any submission reports after delivery. We will show you the result, not working details to keep safe our Privacy. If you have any confusion about our service, please mail to get a FREE trial Promotion before placing order.


We don’t guarantee the revenues from monetized tracks. These are motivational Plays and engagements. 10% may come from REAL People because we send the tracks to many real users. So, you may get some revenues but we don’t guarantee. Also, we don't work for moving your song/music into TOP charts. However, we don't promote any gambling, Nudes Profile, hateful content etc.