Quality of Plays and Engagements

✅ Plays are Real Looking, Stable, and Safe!

✅ Most of the Profiles are artificial.

✅ Some of them have a lot of real followers.

✅ The profiles are High-quality

✅ Contain profile photo, Name, and location.



25K Soundcloud Plays

50 USA Likes -25 Repost

3 Unique Comments

25 Active Followers

Splits: Only 2 Tracks

Delivery: 3 days



250K Soundcloud Plays

200 USA Likes -100 Repost

10 Unique Comments

100 Active Followers

Splits: Max 5 Tracks

Delivery: 7 days



1M Soundcloud Plays

400 USA Likes -200 Repost

30 Unique Comments

170 Active Followers

Splits: Max 6 Tracks

Delivery: 15 days

Buy Soundcloud Plays Cheap- 🔥 Less Engagements

It is for the new artists who need to grow fast with spending a little. Buy Soundcloud plays with cheap pricing . But, you need to grow your creation and reach to real audiences, you should boost your Tracks. If you’re failure to spread over the mass audience, your talent will remain hide. There are many ways to Boost yourself. Here, Our team may help you Gain traffic and engagements- Likes- Share, Comments and Followers. It not only increases your Plays and engagements but also attract New Visitor/Fans.

What’s the Benefit of buying Soundcloud Plays cheap

There are some benefits of buying Soundcloud Plays cheap. First of all, you will get promoted by spending a little. The products are designed for user friendly so that a client can get everything of plays, likes, repost, comments and followers in every purchase. Then, you will get plays with engagement in accordance with a minimum ratio. Finally, it is faster than other services. So, to grow your Music/song with faster plays and some engagements, you need to buy Soundcloud Plays cheap!

Isn’t it possible to grow without using this?

Yes sure! Why not? You can grow yourself and your tracks without buying Soundcloud Plays cheap services. But, you need to learn how to grow your Soundcloud music. Also, it would take time. You’re not a professional music promoter. Remember, this place is being competitive day by day. Every successful artist or producer hires expert marketers.

Why Favogain not other Supplier ?

There are many suppliers in the online marketplace to promote your Soundcloud music. It would be cheap or high but there are many scams. Your money may be wasted buying Soundcloud plays cheap . If you observe, almost all suppliers are selling services using cards or other payment gateway. It is difficult to pay and refund if you feel the problem. Only this website offers you to pay via PayPal. You know, PayPal is the easiest method and you can send a dispute up to 6 months! You will be a repeat user of this network if you’re experienced just once. The engagement Profile and play quality is amazing.

The way to Promote your song/ Music!!

If you buy Soundcloud plays cheap from Favogain .com , you will get our model-2 Package. Model-1 is to buy Soundcloud package- High quality Plays with a standard ratio of rich engagements. Model-2 is for more plays and less engagements. It is designed for the buyer who has a small budget but needs to grow fast. After you order, we collect your link and send it to our promotion network. However, they submit the track to many music blogs, share to social media, and repost to many profiles containing huge real followers. Rest of part they complete in their own way.


We don’t guarantee the revenues from monetized tracks. These are motivational Plays and engagements. 10% may come from REAL People because we send the tracks to many real users. So, you may get some revenues but we don’t guarantee.


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